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I recently got tasked with setting up reporting on our TFS server, when doing so i came across this rather annoying issue when attempting to connect to our warehouse 'tfs_warehouse' and our analysis services 'tfs_analysis' databases.

The error i received when connecting to the exisitng database was:

The database you specified cannot be used. the database exists but it's schema is not valid for use with Team Foundation Server.

We upgraded our TFS server from 2010 to 2012, in doing this the schema on both these tables didn't get upgraded to work with TFS2012 & reporting services.

The following article explains how to resolve this issue and re-create both the warehouse and analysis OLAP databse:

Following the article wasn't a precise art for me, firstly, I managed to get the databases to create straight away without error.

After this, navigating to the localhost to in order to access the warehousecontrolservice.asmx didn't work for me.

I needed to provide the named instance of the TFS server so:


 Instead of


When i tried to process the Analysis cube the config returned with an error

Reporting for Team Foundation Server cannot execute job Incremental Analysis Database Sync for TEAM FOUNDATION because the Analysis Services processing is offline. Use the Team Foundation Administration Console to start reporting

In order to get around this error, i opened the SQL 2012 TFS instance with the connection set to 'Analysis Services' I then right clicked on the tfs_analysis database and selected 'process'.

Once i had run the process; i had to import the reports as described in the following blog post:

After the reports displayed, trying to run them proved problematic, the final change i had to make was to update the datasources in each report.

The Error i encountered was:

  • The report server cannot process the report or shared dataset. The shared data source 'TfsReportDS' for the report server or SharePoint site is not valid. Browse to the server or site and select a shared data source. (rsInvalidDataSourceRefere
  • sfnce)
In order to get rid of this error, I clicked on the menu on each report and selected 'Edit In Report Builder'.

In the report builder, in the left hand 'Report Data' folder structure, I expanded the 'Data Sources' folder and then right clicked each of the data sources and selected 'Data Source Properties', I then browsed to my connections for both the ReportDS and OLAPReportDS and selected the respective connection.

Once both connections are set the report should display.

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