You say Origin Master, I say Origin/Master.. let's call the whole thing off.

I had some old changes on one of my git branches today that I wanted to get rid of, they had been staged but I didn't need them. The easiest thing to do was just overwrite the local master branch with what is on the remote.

I tried the command: git reset --hard origin master

To which Git informed me -  fatal: Cannot do hard reset with paths

I figured out the problem was a missing / between origin and master, the actual command I needed was  git reset --hard origin/master which git was much happier with.

This did lead me to question, however, what the difference is between origin master and origin/master?

After some background reading I discovered this is actually 3 things.

origin, the remote repository name.

master, the remote branch name.

origin/master, the cached local copy of the the origin master remote branch.

So in typing: git reset --hard origin master I was incorrectly attempting to overwrite the remote master branch, hence the fatality :)

Using origin/master gets me back to my local branch and back to where I wanted to be with a direct replication of what was current on the origin master remote.

Clear as Mud....


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