The Psychology Of Software Development - A Blog Series Introduction

Over the coming weeks i'll be posting a series of blogs around my opinions on some of the non technical aspects of the software industry, the soft skills side, what you could loosely call the psychology of software engineering.

I've been lucky to experience a lot of different working environments over the last 10 years and I've witnessed a lot of working styles and more importantly, come across a lot of different personalities and developer types.

The aim of this blog series is to question some of the decisions companies are making in regards to hiring, how they put teams together and to give a view from a developer perspective on some of the business strategy that's forced upon us.

I also want this series to serve as a guide to other developers that are maybe starting out in their career, looking to build teams of their own, or, perhaps, just want to read about another developers view point on the more sticky sides of the industry.

I'll aim to give some tips on how to avoid certain situations, what to look for when hiring developers and moreover how to deal with some of the more tricky situations and souls you may encounter.

The Psychology Of Software Development - Part 1. Telephone Interview.
The Psychology Of Software Development - Part 2. Building Premier League Quality Software Teams